Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I Have Never... by Freddy Juarez Marmolejo

I have never tasted your beautiful kiss
Yet, I would give my soul for that moment of bliss.
For just a moment of sweet, sweet tenderness
I would give everything I possess.

I have never felt your gentle, tender embrace
Yet, I would die to just touch your face.
I would hold you forever in my caress;
My true love I would forever confess.

I have never gazed deeply into your eyes
Yet, one stare would leave me forever hypnotized.
I would be in awe for all eternity;
There would never be tears of pain or misery.

I have never loved you with all my heart and soul
Yet, my feelings for you I cannot control.
A moment with you would be a lifetime to me;
I would burn forever for a moment of ecstacy.

I have never confessed my love for you
Yet, keep my silence is what I must do.
I will love you always and forever
But to tell you this... I could never!

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