Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Hero

© By Maureen Ryan
You're my daddy and always will be
He'll can't ever take the place of you
You know he was not meant to be a dad but you were
You're my dad no matter how much you piss me off

You're my dad
You're my hero
You helped me learn
You taught me so much
You helped my mommy when she wasn't feeling good

You keep me safe
You make sure I'm ok
You love me
Kevin never loved me and never will
Yes I may talk to him but I don't see him like I see you

You're my hero
No one else
You make me smile
You make me laugh
You tease me
But you make it fun
You are my hero

Dedicated to Paul Mutchler

My father who has been there my whole life and has never left me even when I did mess up. I love you dad you may not see but I do.
Your my dad and my hero no matter what.

Love ya dad

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