Friday, June 25, 2010

Between life and death

Between life and death BETWEEN THE OMINOUS black clouds and the earth; there lies enchanting breeze placidly cooling the atmosphere, Between wholesome pitch darkness and brilliant sunlight; there lies the mesmerizing evening; passionately awaiting the night, Between the summit of colossal mountain and the dusty roads; there lies the delectably gurgling waterfall; dissipating into silken froth, Between the mammoth tusked elephant and the minuscule ant; there lies the innocuous rabbit; playing hide and seek amidst the labyrinth of bushes, Between the bombastic Mercedes and the threadbare tricycle; there lies a bike; zipping past the landscapes at lightening speeds, Between the transparent mirror and mounds of abominable coal; there lies murky coins of silver; incarcerating all in vicinity with their mystical spell, Between the stupendously exotic rose and the infinitesimal granules of free soil; there lies nimble blades of grass; voraciously tickling trespassers with their tantalizing tendrils, Between the obstreperously screeching train and the perpetually silent valley; there lies the bubbling river; granting substantial reprieve from the agony of sweltering sun, Between hostile thorns of cactus and the sweet curry of pulverized sugar; there lies the robust apple imparting a voluptuous flavor the instant you masticated it, Between the profusely embellished statue and heap of fetid garbage; there lies the succulent coconut with a pool of tangy water impregnated in its womb, Between the grandiloquent castle and the shoddily attired iron drainpipe; there lies the seaside hut; with waves of the ocean sporadically against its windows, Between the melodiously singing nightingale and the discordantly Wailing mosquito; there lies the sly fox; whistling harmoniously in open space, Between the pot bellied giant and the inconspicuous infant; there lies the impetuous youngster; euphorically wandering around, Between the bird soaring astronomically high and the slithering lizard; there lies the opalescent butterfly flirtatiously fluttering its wings, Between impeccable truth and nefarious evil; there lies the mischievous monkey playing pranks to appease mankind, Between the sanctimoniously rich and the bedraggled beggar; there lies the common man; trying to struggle every unleashing minute for existence, Between garish velvet and immaculate fibers of white; there lies the grey squirrel; frantically trying to search its burrow before sunset,

Between immortal love and superficial hatred; there lies philanthropic friendship; propagating its essence far and wide, And between new born life and perilously old death; there lie sweet experiences; which add color to living; a dynamic vibrancy to breath. (c) (r) copyright-2004, by nikhil parekh. all rights reserved.

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