Friday, June 25, 2010

A humble prayer

A humble prayer- Bless me Bless me with the strength to plough through undulating stretches of fecund land, Bless me with the agility to clamber up serrated skin of tall pine tree, Bless me with the profound courage to encounter nefarious criminals head on, Bless me with the ability to discriminate between the sacrosanct and horrendously bad, Bless me with the nostalgia to reminiscence blissful anecdotes of past and; unveiling future, Bless me with the prowess of eloquent speech; for communication with the society, Bless me with the capacity of rescuing urchins trembling in the arms of fast approaching death, Bless me with belligerent qualities of becoming a true warrior for my revered nation, Bless me with a keen eyesight to help a plethora of citizens traversing the roads; with strips of black on their eyes, Bless me with extravagant bulge of body muscle; to stand as a rock between the victimized and lecherous, Bless me with the stupendous power to stay awake at night; facilitating me to cover all those shivering with a woolen quilt, Bless me with bountiful opulence; instigating me to feed famished masses with twin meals of rice, Bless me with a celestial smile; pacifying hordes of people in times of disastrous calamity, Bless me with a chivalrous disposition; making it easier for me to part with my possessions, Bless me with a down to earth attitude; rendering me versatile to empathize with a myriad of penurious masses, Bless me with the power to walk barefoot in the blistering heat; donating my leather boots to those struck with leprosy, Bless me with an intricate mind deciphering enigmas; chalking out philanthropic policies for traumatized prisoners, Bless me with the dexterity to commence my day with a plain glass of water; relinquishing appetizing meals served on silver, Bless me with truck loads of unprejudiced love; imparting it to all those who indispensably need it, Bless me with the energy to innovate and create;

showering a battalion of contemporary comfort on my impoverished counterparts, Bless me with the art of holding back my effusive tears; instead offering tumultuous comfort to the bereaved, Over and above all O! LORD bless me with the power to sustain life; succeeding in my endeavor to make planet earth a better place to live (c) (r) copyright-2004, by nikhil parekh. all rights reserved.

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