Friday, June 25, 2010

When I Love

And When I Love
Ricardo Saúl La Rosa
This poem is for you, my darling, Written with the warmth of my being, With the blood that runs through my veins, With the wonderful life that I am witness to, With a passion of one who is loved, This poem is for you, my precious, For I only have words to express what I feel, For I do not possess gold or silver, Nor I do not have a mansion upon a hill for you, I can only offer you my heart and dedication, This poem is for you, my angel, Here I stand in front of you, Declaring to you and the world my love for you, I love you more than the written word can ever convey, This poem is my symphony of love written with you in mind, And When I love, I love with the length, width and depth of the universe, A hundred roses growing in my heart sown by you, The happiness inside of me caused by you, Has made me come alive with joys inexplicable, And When I love, I see your eyes and smile, I hear your voice and its sweet, soft laughter, I feel the warmth of your skin upon mine, You have loved me so much that I can not contain my tears, And When I love, I am kissing your lips; my heart explodes for your love,

I am holding you in my arms; as you hold my dreams in your hands, I am alive with love and your kisses sustains me, My world is a wonderful place because you dwell within, And When I love, You are with me holding me ever so gently, I tremble and I cry of happiness, A hurricane of joy storms across Long Island, Your love has invaded my spirit and I am conquered…
From BEYOND LOVE: An Anthology of Poetry Volume 1

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