Friday, June 25, 2010

When You Come To Me

When You Come To Me
(time and time again)

At the doorstep of twenty two, you met me again
It was a subtle rain, always just off of your porch
You could say that it was another ‘First Time’.
Remember all of those definitions?

“Watch your step”, you say as you pull me
Of my teetering swagger,
Left my guilty treasures
In a chest by the shore
We can call it a curb ~

In the hallways of twenty-five you came knocking
On my brain until the point of madness
Undeniable dream where the esoteric
Roam like Romans seeking omens
Left me on the floor crying out
“Help me, Guide me Home” ~

Just inches from the bathroom of classic overdoses
Iconic deaths, transcendence in their departure
Oh how I used to long for such an ending!

It was the Dean, the 911 Turbo and the curve
All wrapped into one near death experience ~

In a partially empty theater I sit along inside my skin
I hear the ringing of a bell that’s always been beside me
I look over my should to see the last drop of the sea shore
Oh how I once adored, frightened, lost, somehow I forgot
How warm the sun could be when you’re weightless and free
The strangers all pray for snow when I sleep in two jackets
How warm the sun could be when you’re weightless and free
And I hear the ringing of the symphony of bells that’s always
Always been…

And so I sigh
And so I pause
To search for peace tonight
A reminder of a life without fear
A reminder of a child’s tears

So I swat at the escaping stress, exhaling to breathe, and its all clear ~

By David Powers (started: 08/09: completed)

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