Saturday, July 3, 2010

Today I buried

Slowly, my body covered land,

Slowly, all going to leave me,
still be heard clearly their last steps
I am alone, in dark places that were never imagined,
alone, waiting for the decision ...

Wife, parts of the heart, soul mate was gone,
Children, who in his blood flowing, not too live,
Something more than your right hand, a close friend,
business associates, or others,
I was nobody else for them.

My wife was crying, very painful, I feel the same way,
My son was crying, no less sad, and I also,
My right hand to comfort them,
my close friend send flowers and greeting,
but I still own, here,
waiting for the calculations ...

Sorry it was impossible,
Repentance was no longer considered,
and any Lease will not be heard,
I really should own ...


(Out of nowhere came the strength,
after all this time I could no longer close to Him),
if you give me one more chance,
if you lend again a few days Yours,
Just a few days ...

I have to get around, begging for Lease on them,
He has been already felt my naked,
who had been suffering because of me,
the oppressed in I feels.
which so far have I hurt her heart
which had been lying to me

I had to return it, all the treasures of this dirty,
that I gathered with a happy face,
I Feel from sources that are not clear,
I eat, even swallow.
I have to complete the promise of false promises my oft-used Uncontrolled

And Lord,
again give me a few days Yours,
to devote to his father and beloved mother,
remembered the harsh words and tough they are invidious,
I'm sorry mom and dad
why did not I realize how great your affections
also give me time,
to get together with my wife and son,
to really truly charitable Soleh,
I really wanted to prostrate confronted Yours,
with them ...

Once this self remorse
day because the day has passed without meaning
full of futility
who never reach the pleasure first, means nothing
at all why my only futile,
time of life that one-shot
if I could play at that time ...

I was buried today,
and all become not forgiven,
and all becomes too late,
and I must own,
for when the unthinkable ...
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