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An Analysis of Figurative Language and The Massage in Robert Frost’s Poem

An Analysis of Figurative Language and The Massage in Robert Frost’s Poem

D: Suggestion:
For the further research, firstly, it is suggested to the other researchers or the students of letter, English department who are interested in similar topic to make categories more specified that could make the researcher more specific and profound. Moreover, the finally yet importantly, it is suggested that figurative language also can be found and analyzed in the dialogue of a character of a novel or drama.

E. Theoretical Background
Language plays a great part in our life. Language is instrument to express people’s act, without language this word can be isolated. By language, people may express their ideas and emotions.

Poem can be categories into language. By poem the poet my express the idea beside art, poem will be have the character of the poet and it cannot separate. Word will be empty without poem. There is no sound, no image, and no spirit to life.

 Commonly the content of poem or poetry can only be understood and perceived by searching for “something behind”, because the language used in poetry or poem is different from common language and usually the language used is figurative language.
F. Research Methodology Tools and Instrument.
a. Research Design
Descriptive research design is appropriately used in this study. The writer took descriptive method to get the data and conclusion more easily to answer the problem about the figurative language which is used in the Robert frosts poem.

b. Data Source.
Actually, there are many poems that are written by Robert Frost. But the writer only took 12 poems. The data sources are: The Rose Family, Stars, Winter Evening, Fire and Ice, Clinging, Sweetest May, A Prayer In Spring, Tree at My Window, Going for Water, The Road not Taken, Stopping By Woods, on A Snowy Evening, and A Red, Red Rose.

c. Procedure of Data Analysis.
There are some steps, which are done to analysis the data such as:
1.    Classifying kinds of figurative language in the Robert Frost’s poem.
2.    Discussion the result of the data analysis based on the theories, which are available.
3.    Making conclusion and suggestion of the study

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